Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nail of the Month - June

And right then it was already time to announce the new nail of the month!
I have been very busy this weekend; packing all my stuff into moving boxes, painting a small dinnertable (the color was inspired by a nail polish, of course :D ), packing the trailers and today driving the stuff 200+ km to my new city, and then carrying all the boxes and furniture etc up to top floor on 5th. With NO elevators. So as you can see, there has not been much time to paint them nails. Looking forward to Monday ;) 

Well, back to NOFTM! I have been slightly in doubt which one to pick, but by dictatorial manners I have chosen that the "winner" of June is:

Water Marble with Electric Yellow
Links below pic

It's such a lovely covering yellow, and I think the water marble came out pretty well too :)
To see swatch of the yellow polish click on this link: Electric Yellow swatch
and to see full post with the water marbeling click here: Water Marble - Summer Colors

Let me know if you disagree with my choice ;)

See you tomorrow :D
- Marie


  1. You are lucky you didn't break a nail in all that moving! I lost two the last time I had to move.

    It sounds like my old place, I was 4th floor walk-up. Although I loved it once I was moved in, getting the stuff there was not so fun.

    I still love this yellow :)

    1. Ouch, glad I didn't follow your example ;)
      I really like the place too, but yea, it was so hard to get all my stuff up there. I must keep myself to the ground floor in the future ;)

  2. Fin marbling, Både färgerna och mönstret kändes väldigt psykadeliskt! Gillade att marblingen är på två naglar och inte alla! :)

    1. Tak! Jeg synes at det nogle gange kan blive for meget, hvis marblingen er på alle negle, og jeg tyckte den gule farve var så flot for sig selv. Glad for at du gillade det :D


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