Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Peach Melba with Confetti

Today's post is kind of an expansion of yesterday's post of Barry M Peach Melba. Click here to see swatch of Peach Melba. Some months ago I bought Loreal's Confetti top coat, it was the last one in my local Matas so I grabbed it right away. Since then, I have moved to Aarhus and here there are many beauty stores and they still got Confetti for sale so I bought an extra one - just in case ;) I don't know why it took me so long to show you this one because I truly love it. I think it looks great on top of Peach Melba!!
Confetti consists of black & white hexagons in different sizes and a very subtle silver shimmer. I have enlarged one of the pictures so you get a chance of seeing it, since it really is only visible in real life if you look very closely.
Personally, I think this one is much prettier than eg. Hard Candy's Black Tie Optional, which there has been a lot of hype about. ;) The bottle is packed with the glitters so you can easily just wipe it on as a normal brush, but of course, sometimes some of the bigger hexagons randomly get focused on one area so you have to dap a little to get them more spread out.
I recommend using a regular top coat on top of Confettis top coat so you get a completely smooth surface.
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- Marie

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Barry M - Peach Melba

Hello there! :D
Today's first post is a swatch of Barry M's Peach Melba which I absolutely love. I just love Barry M in generel and this polish really does something good for your nails.
I have used two coats on all pictures.

 Really got nothing bad to say about this polish, drying time good, application flawless, non-streaky, 10 ml for something like 4£, shiny finish, and that color...perfect. I need more Barry M.

Thanks for watching, I will be checking in again later today!
- Marie

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rimmel - Orange Your Life

Today I need to show you another favorite (Yes, I got many favorites, okay!!) :b Orange Your Life is a super bright jelly polish. You need two coats at least, and more depending on how much nail line you can live with. I don't really mind nail lines that much, so I only used two coats (then it will also last longer ;D )
Look how bright it is!! 
Since this is as jelly polish, it looks super weird with only one coat. Very thin, and when it has dried, it becomes quite matte and dull, but after second coat it looks great.

This one is a budget polish since it's from Rimmel. In Matas this only costs 29,95 DKK. I've always been a huge fan of Rimmel - though it's budget it's damn good quality! Application is flawless, drying time short, and like all Rimmel, this really is long lasting!

See you soon,
- Marie

Nail of the Month - July

Of course we also need to pronounce the polish of the month that I liked the best. It was tough, the choice was between Sally Hansen - Tahitian Sunset which is a gorgeous peachy orange, China Glaze - Highlight Of My Summer - a neon mintpale green which both in color and name really fit July perfectly. Jaipur w. dots also came to consideration, but I found that this one fits me best : 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Summary

Another month gone by, and holy schnitzel, it's been a great month. Personally, I moved to Aarhus and I freaking love it. But that also meant that I have been away from the blog a lot this month because so many things are happening and I'm meeting so many new people. And I might as well just tell you right away that I got a whole lot of things happening in August too, but I will definitely try to post as often as I can! 

Polishwise July has been a great month also.
To mention some of the polishes I have shown you (links are below pictures if you want to see more pictures) - some great polishes from Sally Hansen; 
Sally Hansen - Vitamin Sea
Sally Hansen - Palm Treat
Sally Hansen - Tahitian Sunset

 I have shown you Corrupted Neon Manicure from Ciate;
Ciate - Corrupted Neon Manicure

And some absolutely beautiful colors; 
Ciate - Loop the Loop
China Glaze - Highlight of my Summer
Barry M - Blue Grape

And some designs;
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat - Peach Fuzz
Jaipur w. dots

Dino Egg
The Painting Incident ?
I didn't really get to wear any holographic polishes in July, so I best be doing that in August before the sun disappears...
Thank you all for still reading my blog though I had some weeklong breaks in betweeen, I hope you will follow me in August aswell :)
- Marie

Update. I really don't know why the pictures are all over the place and not in the order I put them in!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ciate - Loop the Loop

Hello there everyone!!
Today's swatch is actually a polish I have shown before, but because my last swatch was somewhat horrific and I also really felt like wearing this one again before Summer ends, I decided to do a new swatch of it!!
Loop the Loop is a pale yellow from Ciate's Fairground Collection, which consists of pastels and glitters. It is a little sheer, so I have used three coats. No top coat.
 Their bottles are so cute! Drying time and application in general are no problem.
 I really love this pastel yellow!
I probably shouldn't show you, but here you see how bad my cuticles were last time I swatched Loop the Loop ;) 
Thanks for reading!
- Marie

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sally Hansen - Fuzzy Coat - Peach Fuzz

Hi there!
Gosh, time in moving fast! Yet again it wasn't my intention that I should have like a 5 day break from the blog. Anyways, I got this loverly Fuzzy Coat polish from Sally Hansen from Matas. It's a clear polish with yellow and orange bars in it. You need three coats to get full coverage, and I have realised I might could have used a fourth coat...nevermind that, here it is :)

 I tried to wear Peach Fuzz over Ciate Loop the Loop, but I didn't really like it, and I found that this one looks prettiest on its' own. The bottle is packed with the bars, so it's not difficult to apply. It just takes some time since you want the coats to dry before applying the next. It comes out very even, except my index finger.. That one became a little bumpy.. But I came to like this polish. When I just looked at the bottle I didn't think that it looked appealing to me, but I was surprised with it!
You can buy this in Matas for 89.95 DKK. Limited Edition :)

Take care & thanks for reading!
- Marie

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dino Egg? Vitamin Sea with dots !

Today is Monday Blues - I had a really nice monday though!
This will not be a super long post, but surely we needed some blue today.
It's Sally Hansen's Vitamin Sea (clickey me)  which I showed you a couple of weeks ago and Sally Hansen Tahitian Sunset (see swatch) on top as dots. I know this will sound super weird, but these two colors gave an almost hallucinating look when used together like this. You now, like when you look on a certain type of pattern and your eyes trick your mind. This slightly had that effect, but it wasn't transferred into the pictures. At least I got a little confused looking at it sometimes! haha

I imagine dino eggs would have this kind of look, so therefore these are my dino eggs! Silly...  But no one knows! 
Anyways, have a look see on the other blues of today !
- Marie