Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nail Wrap Fail.

Hello everyone!!
Long time no see. I've been at a festival and afterwards I just needed a couple of days off! Now I'm back in business...well, should I say almost! Seems like everything I touch turns into useless uglyness atm.
First you need to see my attempt on nail wraps! Epic fail.

I used Loreal Color Riche nail wraps.
Black with gold pattern.

I really liked the pattern, but these stickers were not my friends...
The stickers are flat, like stickers always are, but my nails are not flat. They are a bit curvy. Which means when you put on the sticker it creates folds in the sides. As you can see on image below on all my fingers. I tried putting them on differently but nothing helped.  

I don't have big nails or big fingers or anything, but these wraps were almost all too small for me!! I don't want a sticker not covering the whole nail, so I actually had to take some of the stickers that were too big and cut them smaller...

And then we have the thumb! Most of the glue stayed on the plastic sheet they came on, resulting in a weird, annoying, bubbly wrap that wouldn't stick.
Difficult to capture in a photo, but I guess you catch my point here! 

The glue on the other stickers weren't too good either, but not as bad as this thumb.
And it was right then I realised that I just had to take them off again (which left my nails really rough and ugly) and used Fnug's Futuristica holo polish as stop gap! 

So, anyone of you tried these Loreal Nail Wraps? Would like to hear your experiences!

See you later, 
 - Marie



  1. Shame you had all those problems because that's a great design! I've only ever used the NCLA Nail Wraps, which I loved.

    1. Yeah it really is! It was really annoying because I had kept them for a special occasion, but I had to change plans! :b
      Oh how I wish NCLA were shipping to my country - they have such cool designs!

  2. Okay this is me every times I have ever used a nail wrap.

  3. There's a definite technique to nail wrapping, it's taken me a few attempts to iron out the problems. I like Rebel Nails, more expensive but much better quality, anything in the glitter range works very well for a first timer! www.rebelnails.co.uk

    1. I hope I find that technique some day ;) Rebelnails really has a lot of nice designs and the price is about the same as Loreal here in DK. I might try them some day. Thanks for the tip!


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