Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ciate - Corrupted Neon Manicure (with video!)

Hello lovely readers!
I was so happyhappy when I received these new neon kits from Ciate since I love Ciate and these little boxes looked very appealing! I think today's post will be a little word/photo heavy, but it really is necessary.

And hey, I made my first video for you guys, haha :D It's below all the pictures..
Let's see a little "teaser pic" to start it all up...

You can get this kit in 4 different colors. I put these pictures together from their own pictures, but the yellow one is called 'Megaphone' on the box itself instead if 'Mega Foam', so I guess they made a clerical error, but wether it's on the boxes or on their commercial picture I don't know.
I got Shout Out (pink) and Megaphone/Foam (yellow).

Let's have a look at Shout Out to start with! 
   Normal light
UV light
As you can see, every piece in Shout Out react to the UV light which means you got more options than in the yellow kit - but we'll get back to that! The pink polish in Shout Out is called Electronica and it sure is neon!

 Oh my cuticles are dry today! Bummer. And my hand looks super lame in the picture below. Ahaha :D

Littlefinger: 2 coats of the polish alone
Ring + middle finger: Polish and glitter 
Index finger: Polish, glitter and UV top coat

After applying top coat it gives a textured sugar coat look. It has a rough touch, but looks really great.
Close up comparison:
And time to see how it looks under UV light....
On this picture I only have the UV top coat on my thumb, a regular top coat on my index, no top coat on middle&ring and only polish on littlefinger. As mentioned before all pieces in the Shout Out kit react to UV, but the UV top coat gives a whiteish look, whereas the polish/glitter alone gives an orange look.

If you want to keep the orange look I recommend using a regular top coat. At least it's good using one to seal the glitters.

And now let's take a closer look on Megaphone/Mega Foam (?!)

Unlike the Shout Out kit, it's only the UV top coat and the glitter that react to UV light.
We will have a closer look on that after some pictures in daylight!

Picture -->
Index: UV top coat
Middle: regular top coat
Ring: no top coat
Little: only polish
So, the little finger with only the polish on it is just dark and dull.
Ring & middle finger were NOT looking good. When the base polish is not reacting to the UV light along with the glitter it gives a very uneven look.

They really should have made the polish UV responding, like in the Shout Out kit.

I will recommend ALWAYS to wear this yellow one with the UV top coat since it smoothens it out. At least every time you wear this while clubbing ;) And then of course, you can use the UV top coat over any polish!
You could also get creative with the top coat and show off a design that is only visible under the ultraviolet lights. Dots, stars, stripes, hearts, words, you name it!
Aren't the colors nice?
And then we got the videos....!
I am just showing how to apply the neonglitter so nothing special really, and the second video is a speedy one with image only if you like that better ;)

I think that UV top coat is fun and I really love the textured look the glitter creates. What do you think about this kit? :)
Anyways thanks for reading, and I'll see you soon again!
- Marie

For my Danish readers: Sættet kan købes i Magasin og Sephora samt i andre udvalgte butikker fra juli, samt på til en vejledende pris på 160 kr. Produktet er sendt til test hvilket dog ikke har farvet min mening om produktet. 


  1. wow I really love the pink set! it's so cute with the pink sparkles and no topcoat! even with topcoat it's pretty too though :3

    I like that you included a video, it was fun to see the polish in action.

    1. The pink is definitely the most neon of these two. It lost some of its "neoness" on the pictures though. I really loved that sparkly look without the top coat too, but the glitters will just slowly fall off one after one when your nails get in touch with clothing or furniture etc., and I didn't want those tiny glitters everywhere so I sealed it. But for a night out or something it will be great :)
      Oh that video is mostly *criiinge*, specially since it ends so sudden because my memory card was suddenly filled. Oh well, posting anyways ;)

    2. Oh really? ohh, makes me want, I don't have any UV polish. Well that type anyway :3 Although I can't get Ciate in my town, so I will have to wait until I am out again. I like that the glitter glows so much. I would 100% always wear topcoat from the sounds of it :p I can't stand when it's like everything I own is covered in glitter.

      haha I didn't think it was bad, I liked it. Maybe you are too hard on yourself! Also it's fun to hear you talk :)

  2. Det er faktisk en super sej effekt - nydelige swatches...

    1. Ja bare en skam man ikke sååå tit er under UV lys ;)

  3. Åh va snyggt! Tycker du borde testa någon nail art med delvis uvlack och vanligt lack, så det blir ett mönster på nageln. ;)
    Jag gillade videon, men den var lite mörk i slutet, kanske en skrivbordslampa skulle kunna hjälpa så det blir lite ljusare? :)

    1. Jep, har også tænkt det samme så det må jeg hellere :)
      Videoen er kikset, og den slutter også lidt pludseligt da mit kamera inte havde mere memory, men tænkte hvad fa'en, poster den alligevel! haha ;)


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