Sunday, June 16, 2013

Angel Nails

I'm happy. Yesterday was my very last day at my work through 2 years. That job always made my cuticles so damn dry and my ring finger chip! It's so awesome to know that I don't have any obligations the next 2 months. I can just do what I want! And No. More. Chipping!!

After work yesterday I had to go straight to a birthday, and I wanted to wear Ciate Bumble Bee caviar beads, because they would match my clothing, but since I had to do my nails at work I had to do something totally simple, so I just went with Max Factor's 'Angel Nails' which was part of a free gift I got in Matas (Danish beauty store) some while ago. Sweet.
It looks like this:

 Two coats are used.

It's very shimmery but yet discreet. At first I actually didn't like it, but I do now, and I know I'm gonna wear this many more times for sure.

As you can see, it's not opaque, I think to get total coverage I probably should have used 5 coats or something like that. But I didn't want to, so I just wore two coats.

I know this was nothing fancy, but I just wanted to show you anyways :)
- Marie


  1. I have this also and I use it a lot for chevron nails :)

    1. I was actually also thinking it could be useful for designs like that! :)

  2. I love this polish, it's one that looks so good sheer :3 congrats on finishing your job!

    BTW I ended up hurting myself, so I watched both Blinkende Lygter, and Pusher this weekend!

    I loved Blinkende Lygter, I found really good subs for it, and I actually never felt like I didn't get what was going on. Mads was so funny as Arne, I totally adore that movie :D I think you have really good taste in movies.

    Pusher was funny because the subs weren't that great, so even though I could get what they were saying, no one would ever say anything like that in English. So it ended up being highly funny just because of that. I used to have a friend who acted a lot like Tonny, which made it really endearing. I liked it though, it was good, do you think I should watch the other two Pusher movies in the series? :)

    1. Haha, cool :) Not that you hurt yourself though! But since you liked it, you must have great movie taste too! :D

      Some of the lines from Blinkende Lygter has just become totally epic here in DK. Glad you found good subs for it :)
      And I do know everything about bad subs. Sometimes the translations are so way off it's hilarious - specially when puns are "translated"!

      Regarding Pusher; the first film is definitely the best. The second is where you follow Tonny, and number 3 isn't really anything special at all. I wouldn't totally recommend watching the second, but it's not totally bad either. There's probably just more interesting things to watch instead :)

    2. haha yea, it was my own fault, I was tired and sick and I did too much :p

      Ahhh okay, I just have randomly watched a bunch of movies he was in. It's fun to see how different it is from movies I am used to seeing.

      I really like Mads as an actor, I think he is really good at changing for the role :) Any other movies you would recommend?

    3. Uhmm, let me just think..movies with Mads, movies with Mads...I actually don't think there's any more I would recommend! Not Danish ones at least. He has been in some dramas and some shitromantic movies too, but I haven't seen them (I hate romantic movies!!!). And other from that, I guess you know the rest. Casino Royale, stuff like that :)

    4. Okay fair enough, I am not a fan of romantic movies either, I need something to happen in the show. I watched De grønne slagtere and that was pretty okay, not enough action, but I guess I like shows where they eat people. I still think I like him best as Hannibal. I like how dark the show is, and there is always a really good murder in each episode :3 If you haven't started watching it you should for sure!

      Yea I've seen most the English ones he is in, but he's pretty much always the bad guy.

    5. Well that's a very specific criteria for a movie/show HAHA :D It really can't go wrong then :b I just like murders. Oh god, I sound so morbid!

      I like him best as Arne, BUT maybe I will change my mind since I definitely need to see Hannibal. It shouldn't be hard to find :)

    6. Well I've never seen a terrible show about a cannibal yet :p Mads is not in the first episode tons, but I find the show just gets better with every episode.

      It's okay, I love murder in TV shows too. Makes things interesting.

      this has links where you can just stream it, but it does have pop-ups so you just have to close those as they come :) or pirate bay has it up for DL too.

      I can see why you would, he rocked Arne :D

    7. So true :b

      Oh cool! Thanks for link :D It can be hard to find a page you don't have to sign up or pay for though they claim it's "free". I can live with the pop-ups. Can't wait to get started :D


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