Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rimmel - Orange Your Life

Today I need to show you another favorite (Yes, I got many favorites, okay!!) :b Orange Your Life is a super bright jelly polish. You need two coats at least, and more depending on how much nail line you can live with. I don't really mind nail lines that much, so I only used two coats (then it will also last longer ;D )
Look how bright it is!! 
Since this is as jelly polish, it looks super weird with only one coat. Very thin, and when it has dried, it becomes quite matte and dull, but after second coat it looks great.

This one is a budget polish since it's from Rimmel. In Matas this only costs 29,95 DKK. I've always been a huge fan of Rimmel - though it's budget it's damn good quality! Application is flawless, drying time short, and like all Rimmel, this really is long lasting!

See you soon,
- Marie


  1. Va kul, äger inga rimmel alls faktiskt men denna var inte så dum :P

    1. Ujj, jeg har rigtig mange Rimmeler :D Synes det er et rigtig godt mærke, faktisk :)

  2. I so need to get more oranges, I love how they look. This one is super pretty, and it's not streaky like the China Glaze one I have :) I need it!

    Also your fingers look so awesomely tanned!!

    1. No this one is not streaky at all, it's really nice. I really love wearing orange, peach and coral in the summer :)

      Haha, well Summer is isanely hot and sunny this season so it's not impossible that they got a little tan :D

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