Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boudoir Rose

Hello dear readers :)
I bought this gorgeous polish called 'Boudoir Rose' a couple of weeks ago, and I finally found time to wear it today! Not that I am busy or anything, I just had other polishes planned ;) I totally love this one already! It looks like this:

Two coats are used EXCEPT for the little finger which only has one coat. As you can see it has a nice coverage after 1 coat, but gets stronger in color with two coats and after two coats there is no longer any nail line visible.

I am not wearing any top coat since this polish is so nicely shiny on its own. It has such a flawless finish!
Application is very easy and quick since the brush is wide and it also dries very fast! What's not to love about this one?
Oh yes - now I know! It's only 5 ml ! ;)

On this last picture you should not look too much on the color. I don't know why but it looks more nude than it is irl on this final photo, but I am uploading it anyways since I wanted to show you the size of the bottle...

Well, that was all for today :) See you soon again!
 - Marie 


  1. That is so pretty, it looks super delicate, and that is really great coverage for such a pale pink :)

    Your nail shape looks really fantastic in these photos too!


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