Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yellow !

Hello everyone :)

This will just be a short post, but that doesn't change how much I LOVE this color! It's called 'Electric Yellow' and is from Maybelline Colorshow. Yet again I found a favorite!
See why?

Application is easy, fast drying time and I used two coats. It's more opaque than I dared to hope, so that's good! It looks so nice, specially because I got a little tan on my hands and arms (though you can't see it on my fingers in pic). Wohoooo!

Well, as I said, this was just a short post, so see you soon again and thanks for reading :)
- Marie


  1. two coats and it looks like that?! that means I am going to go and get this. I have been looking for a good opaque yellow :)

    Although I can still see a tiny-little bit of nail line, it looks like great coverage for a yellow.

    And so bright! I need more yellows :)

    1. Yup, two coats! I know the nail line is still a little visible, but I didn't think it was enough to give it three coats. :b But I definitely can recommend this. i love everyhting about it :)

    2. I agree with that, when I have only tiny nail line like that it's totally fine! It looks so great.

      I will be getting this even though I've already gotten too much polish this week :p

    3. You can always find one more polish you just need :D

  2. Care to mention the price on this polish? I've been looking for a good yellow.

    1. Of course! :) I live in Denmark so I don't know if you can't use the information, but I gave 20kr on sale which would be 3,5 US $. I should mention polishes are crazy expensive here in DK! I know from another blogger from Canada that they cost 2$ "overthere". :)


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