Monday, May 13, 2013

Ciate Hoopla - Fairground Collection

Hi "guys"! As promised here's a refview of Ciate Hoopla! A very nice peachy pink summery pastel color! It is from Ciates Fairground Collection which consists of 5 pastels and 4 glitter polishes. I know I promised to review Ciate Loop the Loop as well (the yellow pastel one) but I lost the Pictures, so I will have you waiting for that! Sorry! I blame all kind of electronic things. Anyways, here it is!

Application was very easy and drying time fast. I used two coats, mostly for the sake of these pictures, so the color would be clearer to you.

As mentioned before this is just perfect for summer!
And do I love the bootle? Yes! So cute.

Just in case you want to check Caite Fairground Collection, I'll post a picture owned by Ciate so you can see the whole collection since I only own 2 of them. Sadly.

From top (left to right) they are called: Carousel, Helter-skelter, Funhouse,Rollercoaster, Loop the Loop, Candyfloss, Hoopla, Spinning Teacup, Ferris Whell.
Funhouse is really on my wishlist.
Well, let me know, do you like Hoopla? :)
- Marie

Dansk: Som lovet swatch af Ciate lakkerne! Desværre mistede jeg lige billederne til Ciate Loop the Loop (den pastelgule) så indtil videre må I lige nøjes med den her. Ciate Fairground Collection består af 5 pastellakker og 4 glitterlakker. Jeg vil anbefale alt ved Ciate, dækkeevne, tørretid, farverne og ikke mindst selve flasken. Til disse billeder har jeg brugt 2 lag, men det var mest for billedets skyld, da 1 lag også var fint nok. Kan I lide den? :)
- Marie

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