Monday, June 3, 2013

Chanel Rouge Noir

G'day everyone!
I really neglected the blog this weekend since I have been busy working, going to a festival and taking care of a hangover. . . But now I'm ready to go again!
Today I want to show you one of my favorite nail polishes. It's Rouge Noir from Chanel. I love it!
This polish is of course not the cheapest, but I think it's worth the money. Everything about it is just so luxurious. I've heard lot of people complaining about Chanel's polishes, that they don't fulfill the expectations that comes along with the price. But I personally have no problems with them. They have a long lasting and now, on the third day, there are still no signs of chipping or anything.
 As I have mentioned before I love these dark colors that are almost black. Rouge Noir was actually  created to look like dried blood... This dark color looks great along any outfit!
 I used two coats. And no top coat.
This was allegedly the polish Uma Thurman wore in Pulp Fiction..that's not why I like Rouge Noir, but Pulp Fiction is definitely one of my favorite movies, so it's just a little fun and totally useless bonus info ;)

- Marie


  1. That is really pretty, how many coats did you need to use? :) I like bloody colours :o

    1. two coats.. Sounds so morbid, but yes bloody colors are nice haha :P

    2. I think I have like 10 deep reds of different shades because I love those bloody red, although I don't get to wear them that often because I feel weird at work with super vamp nails :p

    3. Ohh I know that feeling - some colors are just so awkward to wear at work! I felt weird wearing that blue on work today, though I love it off work..

    4. I normally just try and just make sure my students don't see my nails when I do something crazy, as I seem to have terrible planing of when I am gong to do something crazy on my fingers, but I still feel a little sheepish :p

      That is a fantastic blue though, I would love that for weekend nails for sure!


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