Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Metallic Black with Glitter Tips

Hello everyone!
So, today's design is nothing special, just a metallic black polish with glitter tips. I don't really have a lot of time at the moment and the rest of the week too (I am moving soon so got a lot of packing and painting a diningtable etc). Anyways, the metallic black polish has a beautiful shimmer in it, but I needed some more glitter so i added some 'Disco Ball' by Rimmel . It ended up looking like this:

In the tiny bit of sun there is atm
I wish I could have a flash spotted towards my nails all day since I like how the black metallic looks on the photo above ;) I think this will be a great design for party but also on a daily basis. It's not in-your-face-glitter but just enough to spice up the black a bit (which is more darkgrey than black in my eyes...)
I used Pieces 'Black Metallic' & Rimmel 'Disco Ball' 

Well, thank you for reading!
- Marie


  1. I really like the metallic black look, and the glitter on the tip is just fantastic!

    I hope moving goes well!


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