Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rimmel - Disco Fever

Hello there!
So. I bought this Rimmel polish some weeks ago, but since I was disappointed with the color, I never showed you guys. But today it's finally being launched in Matas (Danish beauty store), so (mostly) for the sake of my Danish viewers I thought that now, right now!, would be the right time to bring this one.
Rimmel is launching 18 new colors and from these 9 are selected by Kate Moss. Disco Fever is one of those 9.
But let's go to the pictures, shall we!

This polish actually reminds very much of Essie's 'The Girls Are Out' from their summer collection 2013!

Application is so easy with these new Rimmel since the brush is wide. Niiiiice!
I used two coats.
It has a very nice shiny finish and a subtle shimmer in it as you can see on these next two closeup pics:

But! How could I be disappointed with the color, you may think. Couldn't I see the color of the bottle when I bought it? Well, I bought this online and the pictures showed a more dark purple. If the picture had been true to real life I think I had not purchased this.
I mean, I love Rimmel, and the formular and application and lasting is so great. I just don't like this purple very much.
Had it been a little darker I would totally digg it. I think it will be absolutely great for toes, though... Yea! That's what I'm gonna do with this bugger! Toes!

To see how Rhythm & Blues looks like (another of the new Rimmel polishes also selected by Kate Moss) click on this link: Rimmel Rhythm & Blues

Oh wellie wellie well, too much disco for me, have a nice weekend out there!
- Marie


  1. I think it looks nice out I can definitely see it as a pedicure polish

    1. That's where I best see it ! :b It's a little too brightpurple-ish to wear on my fingers I think..

  2. I think it's a gorgeous fuchsia/magenta - and look at that shimmer - nui, den er fin!

    1. Jomen den er da fin - sådan på sin helt egen 80'er måde ;)


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