Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nail of the Month - June

And right then it was already time to announce the new nail of the month!
I have been very busy this weekend; packing all my stuff into moving boxes, painting a small dinnertable (the color was inspired by a nail polish, of course :D ), packing the trailers and today driving the stuff 200+ km to my new city, and then carrying all the boxes and furniture etc up to top floor on 5th. With NO elevators. So as you can see, there has not been much time to paint them nails. Looking forward to Monday ;) 

Well, back to NOFTM! I have been slightly in doubt which one to pick, but by dictatorial manners I have chosen that the "winner" of June is:

Water Marble with Electric Yellow
Links below pic

It's such a lovely covering yellow, and I think the water marble came out pretty well too :)
To see swatch of the yellow polish click on this link: Electric Yellow swatch
and to see full post with the water marbeling click here: Water Marble - Summer Colors

Let me know if you disagree with my choice ;)

See you tomorrow :D
- Marie

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Metallic Black with Glitter Tips

Hello everyone!
So, today's design is nothing special, just a metallic black polish with glitter tips. I don't really have a lot of time at the moment and the rest of the week too (I am moving soon so got a lot of packing and painting a diningtable etc). Anyways, the metallic black polish has a beautiful shimmer in it, but I needed some more glitter so i added some 'Disco Ball' by Rimmel . It ended up looking like this:

In the tiny bit of sun there is atm
I wish I could have a flash spotted towards my nails all day since I like how the black metallic looks on the photo above ;) I think this will be a great design for party but also on a daily basis. It's not in-your-face-glitter but just enough to spice up the black a bit (which is more darkgrey than black in my eyes...)
I used Pieces 'Black Metallic' & Rimmel 'Disco Ball' 

Well, thank you for reading!
- Marie

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pastel Gradient !

Hello !  ♥
I have wanted to do a gradient for a long time, but everytime I practiced on a single nail I just couldn't get it right. But this time I finally got it, I think!
I used an eyeshadow sponge applicator to blend the two colors together, instead of those big sponges. Everytime I tried with those, I just felt like I was wasting way too much nailpolish. The sponge sokes it all up and then there's almost no color on your nails after the first couple of times, at least that's my experience..
I used Elf's Lilac and Mint Cream.
Well, let's see it:

 The next picture is taken before I added topcoat, and as you may can see it looks more uneven than on the pictures above which has a smooth finish. Topcoat is absolutely necessary when doing this design.

 Weirdly enough, my non-dominant hand had a better finish than my dominant (yes, I'm lefthanded).
 I know this next photo is a blur, and I may be silly but I think the colors stand out more and the fading is a little easier to see, so fuck it, I'm posting it anyways ;)

Hope you liked it!
- Marie

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Essie Summer Collection 2013

I just wanted to share with you the new collection from Essie for summer 2013! It's so lovely!

From left to right:
Sunday Funday   (coral)
The Girls Are Out   (fuchsia/purple)
Full Steam Ahead    (lilac)
Rock The Boat    (light blue)
The More The Merrier    (light green)
Naughty Nautical    (teal green)

I really want Sunday Funday (I loove corals!), The More The Merrier and Naughty Nautical.
I think Rock The Boat will be a bit too similar with Bikini So Teeny, so I will pass that one. And oh my, The Girls Are Out looks very similar with Rimmel's Disco Fever (click here) which I swatched yesterday, so I will pass that one too.. Or is it just me?
 Which one is your favorite?  :)

- Marie


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rimmel - Disco Fever

Hello there!
So. I bought this Rimmel polish some weeks ago, but since I was disappointed with the color, I never showed you guys. But today it's finally being launched in Matas (Danish beauty store), so (mostly) for the sake of my Danish viewers I thought that now, right now!, would be the right time to bring this one.
Rimmel is launching 18 new colors and from these 9 are selected by Kate Moss. Disco Fever is one of those 9.
But let's go to the pictures, shall we!

This polish actually reminds very much of Essie's 'The Girls Are Out' from their summer collection 2013!

Application is so easy with these new Rimmel since the brush is wide. Niiiiice!
I used two coats.
It has a very nice shiny finish and a subtle shimmer in it as you can see on these next two closeup pics:

But! How could I be disappointed with the color, you may think. Couldn't I see the color of the bottle when I bought it? Well, I bought this online and the pictures showed a more dark purple. If the picture had been true to real life I think I had not purchased this.
I mean, I love Rimmel, and the formular and application and lasting is so great. I just don't like this purple very much.
Had it been a little darker I would totally digg it. I think it will be absolutely great for toes, though... Yea! That's what I'm gonna do with this bugger! Toes!

To see how Rhythm & Blues looks like (another of the new Rimmel polishes also selected by Kate Moss) click on this link: Rimmel Rhythm & Blues

Oh wellie wellie well, too much disco for me, have a nice weekend out there!
- Marie

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boudoir Rose

Hello dear readers :)
I bought this gorgeous polish called 'Boudoir Rose' a couple of weeks ago, and I finally found time to wear it today! Not that I am busy or anything, I just had other polishes planned ;) I totally love this one already! It looks like this:

Two coats are used EXCEPT for the little finger which only has one coat. As you can see it has a nice coverage after 1 coat, but gets stronger in color with two coats and after two coats there is no longer any nail line visible.

I am not wearing any top coat since this polish is so nicely shiny on its own. It has such a flawless finish!
Application is very easy and quick since the brush is wide and it also dries very fast! What's not to love about this one?
Oh yes - now I know! It's only 5 ml ! ;)

On this last picture you should not look too much on the color. I don't know why but it looks more nude than it is irl on this final photo, but I am uploading it anyways since I wanted to show you the size of the bottle...

Well, that was all for today :) See you soon again!
 - Marie 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pink & fishtails

Hello everyone!! :)
I am attending a nailpolish challenge on The Crumpet that I became aware of on a fellow blogger's blog (Blueberrynails). It's just for fun so no prize can be won, and it's only for amateurs.
I thought it sounded fun, but since this month's theme is pink, and I'm not that much into pink I thought it wasn't for me. But I have decided to give it a try anyways!

So here is what I came up with - pink with pyramid studs and fishtails:

The pink is from GOSH, 544 Pink Lady. It's pink (obviously) and it has a subtle hint of lilac shimmer in it.
The white is from Gosh too, and the black one is from Maybelline Colorama.

Let's see some photos more closeup of each hand:

 And here is a close up of my thumb so you can see the subtle lilac shimmer...
 It's not totally visible, but it's there...
And a close.up of the fishtail on my indexfinger.
It's actually really easy to do this design, though I know my fishtails aren't perfect. I added numbers to the pictures so you can see in which order I did it.
I started with some black by the nail root, then a line of pink, a line of white, black, pink etc.  There is a lot of overlapping when you do this design, which you can see on the pink when it has to overlap the black.
The studs are just placed while the polish was still wet, and once dried finished with top coat.
I think I'm gonna have to do this design again, just with some other colors. Somehow I feel too girlygirl when I'm wearing pink on my finger nails...toenails, no problem though ;)

Here's a link to the contest where you also can see the other participants' contributions: the crumpet contest june. Voting starts tomorrow! :)

See you,
- Marie

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Angel Nails

I'm happy. Yesterday was my very last day at my work through 2 years. That job always made my cuticles so damn dry and my ring finger chip! It's so awesome to know that I don't have any obligations the next 2 months. I can just do what I want! And No. More. Chipping!!

After work yesterday I had to go straight to a birthday, and I wanted to wear Ciate Bumble Bee caviar beads, because they would match my clothing, but since I had to do my nails at work I had to do something totally simple, so I just went with Max Factor's 'Angel Nails' which was part of a free gift I got in Matas (Danish beauty store) some while ago. Sweet.
It looks like this:

 Two coats are used.

It's very shimmery but yet discreet. At first I actually didn't like it, but I do now, and I know I'm gonna wear this many more times for sure.

As you can see, it's not opaque, I think to get total coverage I probably should have used 5 coats or something like that. But I didn't want to, so I just wore two coats.

I know this was nothing fancy, but I just wanted to show you anyways :)
- Marie

Friday, June 14, 2013

Water Marble - summer colors !

 This is kind of an expansion of yesterdays manicure (to see, click here). I just thought that the lovely color deserved it's own post first :b I lolololove it!
Well oh well, I decided to make some water marble on a few of the nails. I didn't do all nails since I wanted the yellow to be in focus, not the water marble. 

Let's just see the result!

It didn't turn out to be the pattern I had imagined, but this is just as good. I really like it, I must admit!
A bit photo heavy today, but I just love this mani! ;)

Products used are: Maybelline Colorshow - Electric Yellow & Rimmel - Disco Fever. Both new :)
There are used two coats of Electric Yellow on pinky and index, and one coat on ring and middlef. as base coat.
I think the yellow looks so fine with this glitter top, though I know it's a silly background...! The yellow just stands out more. More irl than on this photo..

I definitely need to do more water marble. There are just endless possibilities in both colors and patterns! So I hope you, my dear readers, are up with that?! :)

Well, I hope you will have a nice weekend - I know I will, though I am totally depressed right now because I just found out that Nick Cave is playing tomorrow in my city and I'M. NOT. THERE! Shoot me.
See you soon,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yellow !

Hello everyone :)

This will just be a short post, but that doesn't change how much I LOVE this color! It's called 'Electric Yellow' and is from Maybelline Colorshow. Yet again I found a favorite!
See why?

Application is easy, fast drying time and I used two coats. It's more opaque than I dared to hope, so that's good! It looks so nice, specially because I got a little tan on my hands and arms (though you can't see it on my fingers in pic). Wohoooo!

Well, as I said, this was just a short post, so see you soon again and thanks for reading :)
- Marie

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chevron Nails !

Hello again!

Here's my attempt at chevron nails. I recently bought Mavala's Bamako (I freaking love that green!!) and this lovely Ocean Blue , and I thought they would look really good together.
So this is the result!

The colors look a bit dull in these next two pictures - they are pre-topcoat.

....but on the next picture you can really see how lovely the colors are. The blue has a nice shimmer in it, and the green is just lovely!
I always have such a hard time capturing black polishes! Every light reflects in them, and they just look so weird. Nothing to do about that, I guess..
And I know the lines are somewhat uneven - I hope I will do better next time ;)
Here are the products used:
Maybelline Colorama - Blackout. Mavala - Bamako. Maybelline Colorame - Ocean Blue
 Do you like it ? :) I know I do... And I need to get more Mavala, I have found out...

- Marie