Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chevron Nails !

Hello again!

Here's my attempt at chevron nails. I recently bought Mavala's Bamako (I freaking love that green!!) and this lovely Ocean Blue , and I thought they would look really good together.
So this is the result!

The colors look a bit dull in these next two pictures - they are pre-topcoat.

....but on the next picture you can really see how lovely the colors are. The blue has a nice shimmer in it, and the green is just lovely!
I always have such a hard time capturing black polishes! Every light reflects in them, and they just look so weird. Nothing to do about that, I guess..
And I know the lines are somewhat uneven - I hope I will do better next time ;)
Here are the products used:
Maybelline Colorama - Blackout. Mavala - Bamako. Maybelline Colorame - Ocean Blue
 Do you like it ? :) I know I do... And I need to get more Mavala, I have found out...

- Marie


  1. I love that blue, I like how you used it again with the green! I love these nails, I really need to use more colours than reds, pinks and blues :p

    I know what you mean about blacks, I find they are like a freaking mirror they can be so shiny. I find fluorescent light can sometimes help though.

    1. Yeah I know you got that thing for blues and pinks :b

      Maybe I should get me a fluorescent light bulb then!


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