Monday, July 1, 2013

Sally Hansen - Tahitian Sunset ♥

Hello everyone!
Today I have a veeeery nice polish to swatch. Sally Hansens 'Tahitian Sunset' which is a creamy-peachy-orange. I really love peachy nail polishes, so this one has become an instant favorite!
Tahitian Sunset is part of Sally Hansen's Exotica Collection 2013, which is consisting of 7 limited edition polishes.
Lets see how the wonder looks:

It's sooo pretty! I have used two coats and no top coat since it has such a perfect finish itself.

The brush is nice and wide which makes application super easy.

After one coat it is a little streaky, but after two coats it evens itself and leaves a beautiful and completely smooth touch.

You can't see it, I only slightly can, but there is a tiiiiny bit of shimmer in this polish. It's easiest to see in the bottle, but i really couldn't capture it on camera, so you must just take my word for it !

Another big bonus about this polish is that it is 14,7 ml ! There should be enough for many manicures throughtout the rest of summer - and year.
The price for this snack is 89,95 DKK, which actually is very cheap for this size and good quality.

I got two more polishes from this Exotica Collection, so stay tuned for more Sally Hansen!

Thank you for reading & see you soon again! 
- Marie 

* This is my 100% honest opinion about this polish, though it was sent to me for review! *

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  1. I like this colour, I need more like it! Plus I already looked at the post with the daisies and it look soooo cute and matches great with summer.

    I hate when I am trying to get a picture of shimmer and it won't show up. Nailpolish is sometimes a bit of a jerk :p


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