Friday, May 31, 2013

Studded Funky Orange

This will just be a short post since I am working aaaall day today!
I decided to re-do the triangle micro bead/studded look you saw on my thumb the other day.
 I'm wearing GOSH Funky Orange. 

I got these three things above for free yesterday! Weeee... I had to buy something to get it though..
Psst, Danish viewers - If you buy 2 Max Factor products in Matas you receive this gift!

Later, Marie


  1. I see myself having to do more mircobead studs again, I love this look too :D haha plus that GOSH orange is so bright. How many coats did it take? I don't have that one.

    1. Good to hear :D It really is bright, yes. This is only 1 coat.

    2. Wow that is really great, I find most gosh are only one coat, part of why I adore them. I must have that polish!

      Also yay on the free gift, I love the shops that so that.

    3. You're totally right about that. That's what I like about them too :)

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