Sunday, May 19, 2013

HotMakeup - Caviar Micro Beads

Hello dear readers!
May I present for you my first attempt with caviar micro beads!! I think it turned out better than i had hoped... I thought the beads would be much more all over the place and difficult to work with, but they were very easy to deal with! I know the beads are not totally even on the nail, but that's fine with me. Me likey anyways.

These are the caviar beads I used.

On the other nails I made a classic French manicure.

All French tips are made freehand.
Here you can see it from a bigger distance.

Gosh 525 Powder, Gosh F2 Nail Tip, HotMakeup beads.
So do you like Caviar manicures, and did I do well?
I would like to do a Vlog for you, if you would like it? Just let me know :)
What you need:
- Nailpolish you want on your other nails, or if you're doing all your nails, polish to put under the beads.
- Caviar Beads
- Bowl, where you collect the beads that doesn't stick to your finger (you can easily put these into the container again with a tray or simply a bend piece of paper.
- Top coat.  

How I did it:
1) started up by doing the French tips.
2) put a thick layer of Gosh Powder on all my nails, except the ones where the beads should be.
3) once the other nails were done and dry, I put a thick layer of Gosh powder on (in my case) the ring finger and poured the beads on my nail over a bowl.
4) press the beads carefully so they stick a little better to the polish.
5) give them some time to dry on the polish.
6) put top coat over the beads so they don't fall off so easy. Number 5 is a little important because if you put top coat over the beads before the beads are just a little dry, you move them around with the brush from the top coat.
7) allow to dry and Voila! Caviar manicure!

- Marie

Mit allerførste forsøg med Caviar perler! Det gik faktisk meget bedre end jeg havde håbet på. Troede kuglerne ville være meget mere ustyrlige, men de var faktisk ret nemme at styre! På mine andre negle har jeg lavet fransk manicure. Alle franske tipper er lavet i frihånd.

Hvad du skal bruge:
- neglelak, til at putte på dine andre negle og/eller under dine caviar kugler.
- Caviar kugler.
- Skål, hvori du samler de kugler der ikke klistrer til din negl. Disse kan nemt fyldes i glasset igen, enten med en lille tragt eller et foldet stykke papir.
- Top coat
1) Start med at lakere de negle der ikke skal have caviar kugler på.
2) Put et tykt lag neglelak på der hvor kuglerne skal være
3) Hæld kuglerne ud over din negl ovenover skålen
4) Pres forsigtigt kuglerne lidt ned i neglelakken så de hænger bedre fast
5) Giv dem lidt tid til at tørre
6) Påfør top coat. Punkt 5 er vigtigt for hvis ikke kuglerne er tørret en lille smule ind på lakken, flytter de sig rundt når du rører dem med børsten fra din top coat.
7) Lad det tørre og Voila! Caviar Manicure!

Hvis I har lyst vil jeg gerne lave en video til jer med fremgangsmåde, bare lad mig vide det :)
- Marie


  1. Yay someone else who uses GOSH, it's really one of my fav types of polish! Nails looks great, I am going to have to follow you.

  2. Thank you, that's so sweet of you!!
    Yes I really like Gosh too, they are some underestimated!


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