Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dark Side of the Moon nails!

Dear readers, may I introduce to you my Pink Floyd nails, Dark Side of the Moon!

The stripes are made with a pointy dotting tool.
To do this you must put a drop of your chosen nail polish on a piece of paper (or something like that) and use this to dip your dotting tool in.

I tried to do this on my left hand too, but the stripes came out too uneven (I'm left handed) so I had to give it up, and my left hand is now just pure black. I won't show you my other hand today beacuse 1) it's just black and b) I broke a nail while bowling last evening :(

The black polish I used is from Maybelline Colorama '677 Blackout'.

I sure love this design, without being a smug or anything!
Well, have a nice day!

- Marie


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