Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chanel - 545 Attraction

Finally this nailpolish is mine! I wanted this for a long time, and suddenly the chance was there!
First I tried with one coat.

 Worked out well, and will definitely wear it with only one coat sometimes..

And then I tried two coats.

 Very nice shade but when you study it up close in certain angles you can see strays from the brush - not good. Specially not since it's a semi-expensive polish. I guess it's pretty much impossible to avoid in not-fully-opaque shades and specially polishes with nacre.
I couldn't capture a picture where the strays were visible, so it isn't that big of a problem.
It looks very nice!

Dansk: Endelig er jeg ejermand af denne lak! Den er rigtig fin både efter 1 og 2 lag. I bestemt lys i bestemte vinkler kan man dog ane strøgene efter børsten, hvilket jeg dog vil mene er næsten umuligt at slippe for i lakker med perlemor. Ikke et stort problem, og alt i alt elsker jeg denne lak!

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