Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Marble nails with plastic wrap !

Hello everyone!
So this is my first attempt with using plastic wrap/cling foil, but definitely not the last time I am doing this! There are just endless opportunities in color mixing. It's really, really easy to do this - check out my guide below the pictures! And the result is this awesome marble effect!

I used Rimmel Rhythm & Blues as base and a white Gosh on top. And top coat.

I look forward to try out this method with some other colors! 

Here's a short guide to make your own marble nails:
  • Paint your nails in your chosen color. Wait for it to dry completely. This is your base color.
  • Take some plastic wrap - a little piece is enough - crumble/curl up a bit (not sure which term is the right??) 
  • Put the nail polish you want as top color on your nails. While still wet, dab the plastic foil on the polish until you have pattern you want.
  • Finish with top coat - VOILA!! 
Below you can see the plastic foil crumbled up, ready to use!

So, let me know what you think - did I do well? :)

- Marie 

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