Thursday, May 16, 2013

FNUG psychedelic - holographic polish

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the lack of postings today, but I worked for 12 hours today, so there isn't really any time for anything else than work, eat and sleep. I shall be better prepared next time!
Here's a quick picture of Fnug's holographic polish, Psychedelic. I freaking love it! It's the king!!
It's a silver polish that reflects all possible colors especially in direct sun light. Everyone should get a holographic polish! Fnug is a Danish brand and the polishes contains A, B, D & E vitamin.What's not to love? ;)

It's a bit difficult to capture the beautiful holo effect on camera, but trust me. It's crazy insane shiny.
 Fnug also made a blueish holo called Futuristica (swatch coming up) and Fantastica which is greenish and I unfortunately don't have :(

Can you recommend any holographic polishes? I know Chanel and Gosh also made a holo, but I haven't tried them.
- Marie

 Uh, by the way, it is recommended that before using Fnug's holographic polishes, you should use Aqua Fix Base coat, that is supposed to make the holographic effect even brighter. I shall be testing soooon if there is a difference.


  1. Stunning holo! Even without the special base coat!

  2. Thank you! :) And it's even more shiny in real life than I could capture on photo!


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