Friday, May 24, 2013

FNUG Futuristica - holographic

Because of the great weather today I changed my mind - I had actually planned on something else than Futuristica holographic polish for you today! But but but, no holo without sunlight, and since we only got rain and rain and rain right at the moment I just had to take advangtage of the sun today! So therefore; FNUG Futuristica!
These are the products used:

Before using Fnug's holographic polishes it is recommended that you use Fnug's Aqua Fix Basecoat. This evens the nail and makes the holo effect brighter. As promised when I swatched FNUG psychedelic holo I did a test today to see if there is a difference with and without Basecoat. And there is! Not a big difference, but it's there. Can you guess which finger is without the Basecoat?

The correct answer is................Ring finger!! Ring finger is without basecoat! It was just a littlebit less shiny than the others... All fingers are with basecoat on these next pics.

 So nice and sparkly! One coat is used.

On the next picture I have FNUG psychedelic holo on the ring finger. It's pure silver, compared to Futuristica which is silverblue.. 

 And finally we have a close-up!
To the left: Futuristica. To the right: Psychedelic. 
I just love the sparkle! Hip hip hooray for holographic polishes!!

So, which one do you like the best? Psychedelic or Futuristica? And did you guess ring finger?  :)

- Marie


  1. I keep seeing this and it's starting to change my mind about Holos

  2. Yeah I know it's not long time ago since I did the other holo, but I only have these two I have shown so no more holo coming up from here! ;)


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