Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rimmel Precious Stones - Ruby Crush

Hello again! :) 
Finally HAL9000 (my computer) would let me upload pictures along with my postings.
Thought you might wanted to see something else than pastels now! (Am I right?) So here we have Ruby Crush, a red glitter polish. It is 1 of 2 polishes of Rimmel's collection Precious Stones. I used it without another nailpolish as basecoat, I just wore it alone, which I think is prettier than with a red polish under.

I can't really say anything about how many coats I used, but prox 2 coats. Glitter polishes are, as I am sure you know, not as even as cream polishes, so I just "dapped" some more on the nail where there wasn't as much glitter as other places. The brush is wide which is a big plus. And it lasts long. 
It is consisting of a lot of tiny red glitters and some fewer bigger silver glitter. 
  Rimmel also made one called Diamond Dust which is a grey/silver one. I will swatch that some other day. 
Do I need to mention that it was pain in the a** to take off of the nails?? Well, it was! 
The cotton pad was all over the nails, it was very messy. Soak the cotton pad in nail polish remover and wrap it round your finger, and after a little while you can remove the nail polish without any problems!
So do you like Ruby Crush? 
- Marie

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