Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Painting Incident ?

Hey again ;)
I wanted to do a plastic wrap design using 3 colors, and figured that black ,white and purple would look good together. I wanted the black to be in focus, so I only dapped on the white and purple on some of the nail. I think the end result looks like an abstract painting or something like that.

This would look great if I had a purple top to go along with it, but to my regret I found that the only purple clothing I own is a pair of purple jeans. It's too hot to wear long trousers atm much useless information ;D

As you can figure I started with a coat of black polish, covering the whole nail. Then I used a piece of Saran/Plastic wrap (or in British: cling film) to dap on the white and the purple.
I really love using plastic wrap for nail designs. You can make some really cool designs with it and it's so super easy and takes no time. 
These are the products used: (links below)

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 - Marie


  1. I really like the end result, it looks really good with the white,black and purple. That is a great idea for a quick mani!

    I can not find GOSH White here, have you used it alone? how is it? I want it really bad, but I don't know if it's as good as I hope it is.

    1. Thanks! :D

      I have not swatched Gosh' White in here because it's a rather old one, so it has become quite thick. I only use it for designs like this because then it doesn't matter that it's thick but I never use it to cover the whole nail. But if it is still in production I could get a new one :)

    2. Ahh okay, I find a lot of their polishes are really thick once you get half though, which is part of what I love about them. Even with thinner they are really opaque :) It seems to do a good job of covering the other polish under it though :)

    3. Yea, the opacity is definitely one of the things I love about Gosh too :)

  2. Coolt, ser nästan ut som om det är en gradient med de två färgerna mer på tippn av nageln. :P


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