Friday, July 5, 2013

Jaipur with a lot of dots !

Hello everyone!
Today's manicure is Mavala's Jaipur (an orange bright orange) with a lot of dots. When I started to do this design it was not excactly what I had in mind, but this is how it turned out !

A closer look on the right hand which is made with my dominant hand..

And a closer look on the left hand which is made by my non-dominant hand! I was pretty excited too see how that would end up, but it actually went really well! (and look at that blue sky! sweeet)

The design and the colors were really wrecking my head because I knew it reminded me of something but I just couldn't figure out what. Finally it crossed my mind that it most probably is a parsley patterned scarf, and maybe a specific Dala horse my mom used to have.

The orange polish is this little one from Mavala, called Jaipur, and is from Mavala's Chili &  Spice Collection from 2013.

I will be swatching the collection someday in the future

So do you like this design and Jaipur? :)

As always, thanks for looking!
- Marie

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  1. Snyggt! Sånna här dooticures kan vara så fina och gillade verkligen färgena du valt, kändes eldigt liksom. :)

    1. Mange tak! Jeg er også blevet helt vild med prikker, så dem kommer der nok flere af i fremtiden ;)

  2. Wow, I really love these nails, first because of the colour choice and second because of how it slopes. Fantastic all around! :)

    Plus yay blue sky! I have been enjoying the last week because it's finally sunny :D

    1. Oh that's great to hear! :)

      Yes me too, it finally came! About time..

  3. ooh! I love it! Both the color choice and the pattern is fantastic!


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