Saturday, July 13, 2013

Maybelline Colorama - Blackout

This is just a short post of Maybelline's Blackout, which is a normal black with a glossy finish.
I found that I have really missed wearing just pure black nails. Black is probably the "color" I have used most throughout my life, specially in the earlier days. Black fits with everything and you can always use black as emergency solution. Now I'm more into colored polishes though :) 
I am only wearing one coat. 

As always I am posting swatch and nail art in separate posts, so I got another post for you right away...! ;)

- M


  1. Oooh, I might have to pick that up when I run out of Orly Liquid Vinyl because it's a two coater! :)

    1. This could definitely be a great replacement to Orly's ;)

  2. That is really great for only one coat, and I like the shine in it.

    When I was young I also wore tons of black polish. I had like 10 different blacks and two reds for my whole nail polish collection. (today in things that you didn't need to know)

    1. It's only good with some "useless" information sometimes ;)


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