Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sally Hansen - Fuzzy Coat - Peach Fuzz

Hi there!
Gosh, time in moving fast! Yet again it wasn't my intention that I should have like a 5 day break from the blog. Anyways, I got this loverly Fuzzy Coat polish from Sally Hansen from Matas. It's a clear polish with yellow and orange bars in it. You need three coats to get full coverage, and I have realised I might could have used a fourth coat...nevermind that, here it is :)

 I tried to wear Peach Fuzz over Ciate Loop the Loop, but I didn't really like it, and I found that this one looks prettiest on its' own. The bottle is packed with the bars, so it's not difficult to apply. It just takes some time since you want the coats to dry before applying the next. It comes out very even, except my index finger.. That one became a little bumpy.. But I came to like this polish. When I just looked at the bottle I didn't think that it looked appealing to me, but I was surprised with it!
You can buy this in Matas for 89.95 DKK. Limited Edition :)

Take care & thanks for reading!
- Marie


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